The current city residing in gives the calculator the opportunity cost (interest rate) required to calculate the final output.

The city going to is an important parameter as it gives Fox the necessary information such as accommodation expenses, food expenses, tax rates, transport and mobile utility expenses.

Tuition fee is the entire tuition amount for your course along with the cost of books.

Yes, in the output analysis, the edit button helps users’ increase or decrease particular expenses as per their living standard.

The HPI measures the extent to which countries deliver long, happy, sustainable lives for the people that live in them. The Index uses global data on life expectancy, experienced well-being and Ecological Footprint to calculate this.
The index is an efficiency measure; it ranks countries on how many long and happy lives they produce per unit of environmental input.
See more at: http://www.happyplanetindex.org/about/

Fox only accepts US$. To make things easier, there is a real time currency converter to help the user convert the value to US$.

The Fox tries to be as dynamic and real as possible. For example, a user is travelling to a city where she/he will not incur any accommodation expenses/ food expenses, it will be wise to skip those costs for the calculation to give a more real output year.

1. Present Value
2. Net Present Value
3. Discounted Payback Period

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